Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Self Improving Actions - New Year Resolutions

I have not done a personal post since my first two. I thought it was about time that I did another one. Often in the new year one would reflect on the previous year. Recounting what they accomplish and what they wish wish they had accomplish.
This post it my new year resolution. My goals/plan will consist of things that I am already doing and want to keep doing, things that I have already been working on, and things that I want to start working on.
Over the last acouple of weeks I have been reflecting on who I am and who I want to become. This at times can be hard and depressing when you realize all that you have to work on. During these weeks of pondering I began to pray for hope and determination to change and accomplish my goals. I wanted hope and determination to replace feelings of hopelessness and frustration with myself. When we eliminate a negative it most be replaced with a postive. We can't just say, "I will stop doing this." It must be replace with a postive thought or action to fill the space the negative occupied.
So without further ado here is my goals.
1. I want to plan two outdoor activites a month for my family. This brings so much happiness and stress relief to our lives.
2. Read a fictional or non-fictional historical novel. "You can't understand the furture/present without first understanding the past." I think that is how that quote goes. Will look up later. Plus I can understand what my husband talks about. He is such a history buff.
3. Start incorporating sprouts, mirco greens, and wheatgrass in my family's diet on a daily bases. After reading so much about all three foods I wish that I started sooner. The health benefits are amazing.  Plus my family strives for self reliance and growing our own food is a move in that direction.
4. Strive for more energy. I feel fatigue quite often not tired, there is a difference. I feel low engery. My goal is to start Doterra lifelong Vitality pack first to see if it will increase my energy level. If that does not work I have other plans to fight this. I have high hopes for the Lifelong vitimans and essential oil supplements. I used to be plagued with daily mirgrians and now i have had more than a year with infrequent ones. All thanks to the Deep Blue essential oil, regular exercise, and massages. I still suffer from tension headaches and sinus headaches. I also hope it will help with my consant joint pain. I am tired my not feeling well and not enjoying all the activities that I want to. So I am determined to fight this.
5. Hold FHE (family home evening) on a regular bases. FHE is a night devoted to family time, starting with a gosple lesson and ending with a game or activity.
6. Stop living in the past. My past mistakes, sins, situations, and certain people often bother me. Causing me to feel down and hopeless. Like the song goes I need to "let it go... the past is in the past" why let it bother my present. When thoses thoughts and memories come back I will replace them with thoughts of what I will do now.
7. I want to run in a 5k again this year. I used to run a lot before I got pregnant with Rowan and started to run again this last summer, but stopped when weather got cold. I miss it. Of course I will still listen to my joint doctor and not run too much (no more 6 to 10 mile runs like I used to).
8. All resolutions have weight goals. So here is mine, I want to gain at least 7 pounds.
9. Yoga these last several months has helped me a lot the days that I did it. For two months I was very consistent and then it was off and on. I notice a decrease in back pain, neck tension, and elevated mood when I was incorporating it through out my day. My goal is to be more consistent agian.
10. Trust in God more. "Fear not, doubt not."
Well there you have it. 2015 will be an awesome year.

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