Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Honey Lemon Ginger Syrup - for colds, flu and just pure deliciousness!

My dear, dear friend introduced me to this stuff. My husband and I just love it!!! Use it sooth throats, clam the stomach, uplift the mood and get a spoonful of honey. It is very easy to make only requiring three ingredients. 

Honey, we use honey from our parents beehives
Fresh Ginger

Step 1:
I don't measure the ingredients there is no need. You will need any size mason jar (we use a Quart size jar, but if this is your first time use a Pint).

Step 2:
Cut up the lemons either sliced or cut into chunks (I prefer sliced to get more surface area of the lemon).

Step 3:
Skin ginger and microplane (basically it grates it very finely). I like a bit of a kick of ginger so I add about 2-4 tablespoons of grated ginger to a Quart.

Step 4:
Layer the lemons and ginger till they almost reach the top of jar (they will condense as the sit in the honey over night).

Step 5:
Pour in honey using a knife to get it to fill all the spaces in the jar. Fill till it covers the lemons.

Step 6:
Put on lid and let it sit for 6-10 hours. Use to make ice or hot tea (simple spoon into cup for in hot water or ice water and add more honey lemon ginger mixture to your liking) or my favorite by the spoonfuls. YUM!!