Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DIY Chalk Board Serving Trays - Using Glass and Old Picture Broads

I have been dying to try this out for some time, but but have not been wanting to invest the money and buying the paint and supplies. Then a friend gave me some extra paint and the picture frames I got form leftovers at a garage sale and I had two glass chess boards I never use. So all I needed was Chalk and an eraser. So here we go!!!!!!

Chalk paint
Sponge paint brush
Chalk eraser
Used pictures or glass 
Step 1: start with thin layer of chalk paint. Don't stroke on if using glass it will not stay. I learned that it will stay if dapped on leaving it textured. With the old pictures I just did strokes and it was fine. Allow to dry as directed by chalk paint instructions.

Step 2: once dried apply second coat. For the glass I then put on with strokes instead of sponging.
Step 3: apply multiple coats following instructions for previous coats, making sure follow drying times. For the pictures I found two or three coats was efficient. And for the glass I used four coats.
Step 4: Once you have enough coats of paint and it is dried throughly (I allowed my last coat to dried at least over night). You need to treat the chalk paint with chalk. This is done by rubbing throughly chalk all over its surface. Then wiping off with eraser and repeat with rubbing chalk.

Step 5: Wipe clean and use!!!! I hung my picture frame ones up to leave notes and my glass I use as serving trays.

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