Thursday, November 6, 2014

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes and Wipe Solution

        Making your own cloth baby wipes will save you money and it's good on the environment. It is easy and inexpensive to make the switch. If you are at all tempted to try an 'All Cloth Diapering System' then starting with cloth wipes is a perfect baby step.  

        How to Make Cloth Wipes

        I am BIG into up-cycling and saving money. In my research for finding fabric to make cloth wipes the most frequent used are flannel, terry cloth, and cotton. I like the flannel the best so I collected old receiving blankets and old flannel nightgown. I then cut them into 5x5 inch squares and did a surging stitch on all edges. That is ALL, so simple and easy. Another option is to use old t-shirts cut into squares and you don't need to sew the edges. 

        Recipe for Baby Wipe Solution 
        ·       3 cups water
        ·       2 tablespoons of either baby washcetaphil cleansercastile soap
        ·       1 tablespoon of either baby oil, olive oilsweet almond oilcoconut oil
        ·       12 drops Doterra Essential Oils - 6 drops lavender, 3 drops melaleuca (tea tree), 3 drops roman chamomile 
        ·       Bottle (I used an old Gatorade bottle or an empty glass sparkling cider bottle with cork) 

        I have used many combinations at of the soaps, oils and essential oils. My favorites are the bolded ones. I have attached links on the ingredients, so you can see the benefits of each. 

        If you wish to purchase and/or learn more about Doterra essential oils visit my site.  

        Mix together the water, two tablespoons of baby wash, 1 tablespoon of baby oil and essential oils. Then pour into bottle of your choice. As needed pour enough solution onto cloth wipes to moisten each wipe (don't add too much solution, you don't want soaking wet wipes). 

         Step 1: Gather ingredients.
         Step 2: Select your desired essential oils. 
         Step 3: Stir all ingredients together. 
         Step 4: Pour into your desired container (I used Gatorade bottles). 
         Step 5: Gather your wipes and fold. You can use cloth or paper towels. 
        Step 6: Place wipes in a container of your choice (I used and empty formula container). Pour solution over wipes till all are dampen.

        Step 7: Wipe baby buns!
        Place used wipes in a wet bag and when ready wash on hot and with mild detergent. 

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