Monday, October 27, 2014

Baby Safe (Edible) Finger Paint - Ready in 7 minutes!

RAINY DAY BABY ACTIVITY - Ready in 7 minutes 
One morning I was waiting to get into a thrift store (my baby needed a new coat, he grows so fast). The store had not open yet so I went into an office supply store next door to wait away from the rain. They had a kid section with coloring paper, crayons, paint, toys, etc. I thought that the baby finger paint look especially fun. We were having a hard time with dad on business trip and it raining all week. I was so tempted to buy it but I was a 30 day shopping cleanse (can't buy NOTHING but essentials). It was about $7, so I looked up online recipes for some homemade finger paint for babies. Below is what I came up with after looking at several ideas. Many recipes used cornstarch and other used food like yogurt (but for me yogurt is expensive just to have Rowan play in it and maybe eat it. Furthermore, I do not want him in the habit of playing with his food, this is a personal choice.)


Step 1: Gather ingredients.
2 cups Flour
Water, as needed
Food Coloring
Containers (to put paint in)
Naked Baby (in bath tub or high chair).
Step 2: Measure 2 cups of Flour and put in large bowl (the amount of flour is not important use however much you want)
Step 3: Gradually start added Water and mix together. Keep adding till you get to a running constancy.
There will be lumps. You can use a electric mixer or blender if you don't want any (I did not care for mine).
This the the constancy that I wanted.
Step 4: Divide into how many colors that you wish to make and put in individual containers (I had an small doll cake pan that I used). I did four colors; blue, green, red and yellow. Add 2-4 drops of Food Coloring to each container and stir.

Step 6: Get the naked baby and let him play. My paint lasted 3 days for playing (refrigerated after use). First day we played in high chair and second and third were in bathtub. He loved it! He was a little unsure at first but then jump right in and he did eat a bit of it. I just let him paint right in the bathtub and high chair but feel free to let them paint on paper.

"Yummy mommy I love rainbow soup!"

In the bath tub!


  1. This is brilliant... Especially since it means he can paint straight on the tub. I would have LOVED that as a kid.

    Actually, I would kind of love that NOW.