Friday, October 17, 2014

Toilet Paper Free – Investing In a Bidet

This is one of my first official blog posts. It was not hard to come up with the idea because in the process of creating this blog I bought a Bidet and switched to cloth wipes. I kind a feel like Katy Perry might felt when she released her first single, “I kissed a Girl”. It was a daring move on her part and maybe on mine to start a blog with "Potty Talk".

My topic is one that makes many people uncomfortable whether it is in mixed company or any company. Oddly this topic does not cause me any sort of discomfort. Growing up my sisters, we often showed off…toilet treasurers, ha-ha. I love how my dad explained us, that when growing up he never thought that girls farted, tooted, make bubbles, passed gas, however you want to put it. Well, we educated him.

In this post I will answer the following:

What it a Bidet?
Why I got a bidet?
How I choose my bidet (bidet options).

What is a Bidet?

History of the bidet

Purpose, Benefits, and Function of Bidet

Bidet Toilet seat vs. the Bidet Attachment

A really fancy modern Bidet toilet seat video. So cool. 

Why I got a bidet? 'Behind' the change. 

Since discovering the existences of Bidets I wanted one. This desire increased after I had my baby (I was giving an episiotomy, and oh the comfort and help that a bidet would have provided). But if you have done any price checking on Bidets it will make you cringe, the price ranges from $250- $1000. So the Bidet had remained just a fantasy for me.

Going back my college years (BYUI). I was taking a Backpacking course (I felt it was important to also take a fun course in addition to my required load). You can guess what one the topics were in class, “how to go in the woods”. I loved it, not only for the humor of it all but also its ALTERNATIVE approach of taking care of business.

The book that we read was Allen and Mikes Really Cool Backpackin’ Book by Allen and Mike. This is a great book I learned so much about surviving in the outdoors. Below are educational images from the book of  'natural' bum wiping options. 

Tie rag to outside of pack
after using to let sun
naturally disinfect

This opened my eyes that there is many different ways of living and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. Later that school year, for a Supply Chain Project, a group and I were working on the College’s inventory of supplies. We discovered that they have a year supply of toilet paper. WOW that is a lot of TP (toilet paper). I began to think how much they would save it they converted to alternative to TP? How much would I save?
What to do for an outside bidet
Here is the math for my family.  Two of us using toilet paper we use about 75 ish rolls a year. We buy from Costco that come in package of 30 for $19.50.

2.5 packages x $19.50 = $48.75 plus tax

I am hoping to free up about $50 from our budget and help that planet as I 'go'.

How I choose my bidet (bidet options)

Back to the present, about a month ago we were running low on TP. Around the same time I was on the shopping site (an awesome site for overstocked and refurbished items) and they were having a "Bidet Blow Out", and they were also selling Bidet toilet seat attachments. This is the cheapest option for getting a bidets which I had not heard about before. You keep your toilet seat and add the attachment to the back and hook it to the water line. They range from $25-$125 depending the options. Much better than the $250-$1000. 

The options that I am referring to affect the price. Below is a link that will show you all the options of Bidet toilet seats and attachments. Read through and decide what you like (it also has a glossary to explain what the options mean). 

Just a good informative site on bidets uses

After reading and education myself on bidets, I came up with a list what I needed on my bidet (there was definitely more things I wanted, but think minimalistic here). The list starts with the most important.

1.     Dual Nozzle for His back and Her front
· So important many don’t have this feature. It is worth the extra money.
2.     No electricity or batteries
· We are planning on living off grid one day, so I don't need to be using more energy.
3.     Adjustable water pressure
· I don’t want to hurt myself.
4.     Universal fit on toilets
· Want it to go with me and fit on many toilets. We are living in an apartment currently.
5.     Self cleaning
· Don’t want to worry about other people’s mess on it.
6.     Metal water hose and valve
· Harder to brake and does not leak as easily.
7.     Warm water
· It will feel so nice.
I shopped around and made the 'plunge'. Costco had exactly what I wanted and they have an awesome return policy if I needed up not liking it.

Bio Bidet Elite 3 (

It had everything that I needed accept the warm water (which was probably a want anyway). The water that the bidet sprays is at ambient water temperature (ambient meaning water temperature that reflects the surrounding temperature. So however room inside your walls are.), so not cold. It has not bothered me yet. 

It was $39.99 plus tax (miss living in OREGON). I did find the same model on for $24.99 + $5 = $29.99, but since this was my first Bidet experience I went with Costco for their return policy.

Referring back to how much money my family uses on TP in a year ($50)

The bidet will pay for itself in in less than a year and then save us in the years to come (hopefully it last a while).  This is considering that we are using cloth wipes to dry ourselves, since I did not get the self-drying Bidet.

After having it for a month my opinion on this bidet is that it is great!!! I feel a lot cleaner (especially during 'Shark Week'), the water temperature has not bothered me, and it soothing when I have had a yeast infection (from going backpacking wearing spandex, Rrrr). You might have the question how does my husband like it? Well he is not as open about his potty experiences as me. All he said about it is "it's good" or something along those lines. 

Guests that come to our house. So far none have needed to use it (or they were avoiding it), but I have a couple TP rolls saved for guests. I don't want to make anyone 'do' what they don't want to 'do'. 

Self Cleaning Function and Dual Nozzles 

What it looks like on toilet

Our set up of trash can, bidet, and cloth wipes


  1. Oh and when Rowan is potty training he would use a lot of TP. I think that it's great that you made the switch and are saving money and paper.

    1. Potty training, rrrr. i am not really good at it. More i think about and attempt potty training, the more I am impressed by you infant potty training.

  2. Whoa... This is kind of brilliant. I'd been daydreaming about getting one of these someday (toilet paper = irritated skin) but had NO idea there were attachments that made them affordable. So cool!

    1. Kjerstin, I think you will love it. Much easier than I thought it would be.

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